Showjumping News

A wall full of rosettes This is a team of excellent showjumpers with a good number of wins at Hickstead (Derby Meeting and Royal International), Royal Windsor and other good venues. 

One mare is already at Grand Prix level, plus Puissance and Hickstead Derby capability, two geldings have the scope to join her and another is a regular class winner at up to B&C.


Raven and John win the Foxhunter 2nd round at Pycombe to qualify for HOYS

Raven and John cruise to 4th in the Royal Windsor Novice Championship

Raven and John 4th of 20,000 at the Horse of the Year Show

Raven clears the Puissance Wall at Hartpury

12 year old brown mare

Exciting all who see her immense scope, RAVEN is surely one of the more inexperienced horses to qualify for the prestigious Foxhunter Final at the Horse of the Year Show a few years ago. Now Grade A and placed in Grands Prix including the Hartpury Blue Chip, RAVEN is qualified for a Final at the Royal International Horse Show. However, the Hickstead 2008 Derby Meeting showed her true form when she placed well in FEI Finals, qualified with ease for the Derby and performed superbly in the Derby itself given her inexperience.


Result Class Date Location
1st 1.30m 27/07/10 Royal International, Hickstead
3rd 1.35m 18/07/10 Kent County Show
2nd 1.25m 07/07/10 Addington Manor
1st ABCH 18/06/10 Weston Lawns
1st ABCH 17/06/10 Solihull
1st 1.25m Winter Championship Qualifier 19/02/10 Solihull
1st 1.25 Open 07/10/09 Solihull
4th 1.40M 26/10/08 Patchetts
22nd The Hickstead Derby 29/06/08 All-England, Hickstead
12th Derby Trial 27/06/08 All-England, Hickstead
4th Equine America 1.35 Open Championship 26/06/08 All-England, Hickstead
5th Bunn Leisure Derby Salver 26/06/08 All-England, Hickstead
2nd 1.40 Open 07/05/08 Royal Windsor
4th Blue Chip Grand Prix 11/04/08 Hartpury
3rd Blue Chip A&B Challenge 10/04/08 Hartpury
4th Winter A&B Grand Prix 01/02/08 Addington Manor
2nd Grace B/C Royal International Qualifier 10/01/08 Patchetts
3rd Bronze Tour Final 16/12/07 Hartpury College, Pre-Olympia
4th 1.40 Open 11/09/07 Addington Manor
4th Grade C 28/06/07 Hickstead Derby Meeting
2nd Grade B&C 18/05/07 Unex Towerlands
4th 1.25M 19/03/07 Patchetts
4th Foxhunter Final 05/10/06 Horse of the Year Show
4th Grade C (HOYS) 20/08/06 Mid Somerset
1st 2nd Round Fox (HOYS) 04/08/06 Pyecombe
1st Foxhunter 04/08/06 Pyecombe
5th 1.30M 21/06/06 Patchetts
2nd 1.25M 11/06/06 Addington Manor
4th Foxhunter 24/05/06 Patchetts
4th 1.25M 11/05/06 Royal Windsor
6th Foxhunter 11/05/06 Royal Windsor
4th Foxhunter 22/04/06 Addington Manor
1st Foxhunter 05/04/06 Patchetts