All Bloodstock South Africa lots sold

The ReadytoRun Sale (Bloodstock South Africa) results for Allan Bloodlines pinhooks totted up to multiplying purchase prices by an average of 3.3 to arrive at the prices at which all were successfully sold.

As a profit margin, costs must be deducted however this “ready reckoning” ratio is a good indicator.   The figure is slightly less than last year for, in our opinion, three reasons.

1. More than double the number of horses

2. The sale overall being slightly down year on year but nevertheless workmanlike when actually selling, not setting out to buy-back.

3. Most of the Allan lots were sold on the Friday which was a duller affair compared to the Sunday.

David Allan has for many years been calling for the elimination of the “Gap Day” at the National Yearling Sales and now at the Ready to Runs.  The stoppage creates two different sales with some people attending on one day and not the other.  The stoppage works against overseas participation with players fitting in time at a dozen sales in October-November and not (in the words of one working visitor) “having to go to another race meeting”.