Links to the videos


Link to the videos

All at Balmoral wish to thank those guests who braved the weather making up an attendance at the Balmoral Gallops of 130 people.  They were rewarded by the rain stopping and bright conditions prevailing at Yellow Star Stud throughout the couple of hours of galloping, commentary and sustenance in the form of waiter-served finger-food that disappeared in considerable volume.

As soon as the last horse had completed her gallop, the rain returned, the one man band struck up, and lunch was served with patio heaters warming up the marquee.

Some of the dancing later on was quite spectacular and set the seal on a day that went very well.

Although it is for others to say, Team Balmoral is confident that the horses acquitted themselves well on a superbly set up track that had benefited from the rain.  Arrow straight white rails marked out the course alongside a long line of beautiful trees and the young horses showed their strides to many watchers taking note.

Nicola and Marc were rightly proud of the hard efforts, efficiency and success of the Balmoral staff and riders.

Here is the link to the Gallop Videos courtesy of Bloodstock South Africa – click on vendor and enter Balmoral to isolate the Balmoral horses, then click on the video icons.

Thank you for your attention to a big day for Balmoral.