Best Small Global Enterprise 2020 – Allan Bloodlines

Dec 7, 2020

Very promising WARRIOR CAPTAIN two more of our Captain of Alls sell Thursday.

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Dec 7, 2020

Here is SME News’ own write-up and Press Release on choosing Allan Bloodlines its (all-industries) Best Small Global Enterprise as well as Best Racehorse Ownership & Investment Consultancy in Southern England.

Best Small Global Enterprise 2020 

Best Racehorse Ownership & Investment Consultancy 2020

Allan Bloodlines

Racing horses require the greatest of physical forms. They must be the best of the best in order to win top prizes, and compete amongst some of the greatest equine competitors that the world has ever seen before. Allan Bloodlines provides personalised through-management of racehorse ownership opportunities singly, or within syndicates and breeding stock investment for financial returns, of lifestyle enjoyments, or perhaps both. Find out more about this global enterprise today.

Securing the right

horse that is going

to win races and

therefore money is

absolutely imperative.

At many high quality sales events in various countries throughout the year, at which Allan Bloodlines is an accredited buyer and can provide sales credit to its clients, the business of Allan Bloodlines gives a complete international selection for clients in a complex industry. A global enterprise indeed, Allan BLoodlines offers its prestigious and outstanding services all over the world, including England, Ireland, South Africa, and Central Asia. In addition to managed bloodstock, Allan Bloodlines owns and invests in breeding and racing stock across all of these countries and regions, all of which it has been established in as an all-round player for many years.

Other major strands of the company include pedigree studies (in an industry in which records are accurate from 1793), stallion syndicate management and marketing, stud farm consultancy, profiling, and sales consignment promotion. All of this is managed by Allan Bloodlines, whose principal is also renowned for his journalism. The extent of excellence seemingly knows no bounds.

Having absolutely no involvement whatsoever in the gambling side to the world of horse racing,

the focus of Allan Bloodlines is on bloodstock value and sporting enjoyment for all. Success on the racecourse means the highest level of sporting fun and prize money, but also elevation in the value of the winning horse itself. Within the United Kingdom alone, the value of breeding stock vis-à-vis the sales and purchasing of horses can reach several hundred million pounds per year, a staggering sum of money. Bearing that in mind, the work of Allan Bloodlines becomes that much more important. Securing the right horse that is going to win races and therefore money is absolutely imperative.

The horse selection and communication methods that Allan Bloodlines utilises during its service are just some of the elements that make it truly stand out from its competitors within the industry. At Allan Bloodlines, the firm prides itself on ensuring clear and regular correspondence in all of its service offerings. It is renowned in the industry for regular emails, WhatsApp messages, newsletters, and more for informational social media and for dedicating personal time to all clients and associates, at whatever level of their involvement. Some clients and partners are not even in the same country as their horses, but Allan Bloodlines strives to make absolutely sure that it provides accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive

information in a manner that is rarely found throughout the industry.

For a small company, Allan Bloodlines has come a long way thanks to its own excellence, and its ongoing partnerships with related service providers such as trainers, stud farms, veterinary surgeons, and other professionals. With just over three decades of consistent performance to back itself, clients can benefit from an extraordinary range of services to clients all over the world. Communicating with them, and comprehensively ensuring that they benefit from personal attention to detail regarding their horses and other investments, Allan Bloodlines is the perfect partner for any eager equestrian lover. Specialising in hand-holding for new entrants to the industry, and the sport at all practical budget levels, these continuous and reliable services are exceptionally outstanding.

Allan Bloodlines

Contact: David Allan