Breeding Management

A passion, an investment, a profession or a hobby…?

Allan Bloodlines offers consultancy services and investment packages in all areas of the Thoroughbred Breeding Industry.

With more than 30 years as owners, breeders and managers, the Allan Team is able to offer clients the opportunity to draw from a depth of experience and knowledge.


Services Include:

  • Consultancy
  • Selection & Purchase
  • Pedigree analysis
  • Mating Plans
  • Purchase of Stallion Nominations often on advantageous terms
  • Insurance introduction
  • All administration involved: mare & foal registrations, sales entries, accounting, budgeting, VAT & much more
  • Regular visits to the stud farms for inspection of stock
  • Broodmare band analysis
  • Management of sale of stock and revenue collection
  • Constant communication & regular reporting
  • International breeding investments with stock currently in UK, Ireland & South Africa (& USA, temporarily nil for strategic reasons)
  • Stud Farm website / Facebook page design


Secret Plan + Secret Plan 21- 02 22.

 Fees: standard industry commission payable on   purchases is 5% of price. Reduction is allowed   beyond a purchase cost threshold. For through   management, an agreed monthly fee or retainer   is payable depending on the number of   broodmares and   progeny.

 Please contact us for further details.

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