Jan 22, 2017

Having inspected every horse in the 247 strong catalogue on Wednesday and Thursday, it fell to us to try to turn that effort into purchases.

On Saturday and yesterday, the Cape Premier Yearling Sale with its characteristic format of sitting at tables throughout the evening sessions produced fireworks aplenty as well as offering some value purchases.

Regrettably, we could not secure a purchase for our client with 2 million rand to spend, being outbid to considerably above our valuations – generally by bids being made on behalf of partnerships amongst visiting buyers.


But it has to be said that only on one occasion, with our top pick at that price, were we actually surprised to be outbid.

Meanwhile in the 300-500,000 area we had better fortune for another professional client, securing an especially nice filly with a very decent if not stellar page. May she outrun the multi milllion rand buys!