Four main Allan horses each 1st or 2nd

A great Patchetts three day show for the Allan Bloodlines Showjumping Team.

With John Crippen riding in top form, the Allan horses testified to Bernice Cuthbert’s meticulous preparation as follows:


2nd in a big field in the Grade B/C which was an excellent result in itself as well as qualifying her for the Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead Main Ring Final. In the jump off, John ensured RAVEN’s position as one of the two qualifiers with a ride guaranteeing 2nd place – an accuracte clear in a quick but not risky time.


A brilliant round in a jump-off of nine competitors from a 54 horse field brought a major win. Diamond and John were 1st in the Grade C over a tough and technical course, and qualified for the Blue Chip Final as well.


1st in the 1.20 Open in a bit of a cake walk. John and Jimbo waltzed through the first round clear and skimmed through the jump-off flawlessly. Jimbo can go much higher but needed this to resore some confidence.


2nd in the Foxhunter, Rafa stamped his comeback after a nasty infection with a classy performance making the team contemplate another Horse of the Year Show appearance.