Nov 19, 2020

Keeping our buying for Kazakhstan ticking over at modest levels – helping the on-sale when they get to their destination – we bought five modestly priced yearlings at Goffs on-line yearling sale which was expertly put together by the sales company.

On line sales can be of the variety that offers the horses for bids for several days online, then brings bidding to a close one by one all entirely digitally or like this one, with actual auctioneers on the actual rostrum taking bids on the premises, on the phone and online but with the horses not present. The horses are all at their consignment “homes” and are presented with still and video images plus a vet certificate, requiring collection after purchase. 

Well done to Goffs and to our buyers for “having a go” with us handling the online and logistical side of things. Would we have bought any of them for racing in England or Ireland? Yes. But we shan’t say which ones.