Aug 27, 2020

We still have improvement to come but FLYING STANDARD broke his duck today at Chelmsford with great resolve.

The Hintlesham Racing colours flashed passed the post, catching the leader – APACHE BLAZE the one we flagged up as more of a danger than the favourite – in the shadow of the post and getting ahead by the proverbial (and actual) nose. The third horse was a full three lengths behind which almost goes into the category of “the rest, nowhere” don’t you think?

Insofar as FLYING STANDARD surely wants 1 mile 6, there were elements of this race that happened (for him) in slow motion. He broke well with George who got at him to be where we wanted him. In the first four. Specifically he went second with the momentum of the drive, then settled third.

Down the back straight the pair travelled well – and the pace did not look too shabby. The track suited him so well, but going into the second bend, our man either hit a flat spot or was a shade outpaced as some (not the best ones) quickened.

The plaudits to George begin here. George got hold of him and rebalanced him, then proved his fitness (George’s fitness) by pushing him from there to eternity (with apologies to Burt Lancaster, Deborah Kerr etc) – well not eternity, but to the finishing line. One less shove along the way and FLYING STANDARD would have run well but not become a winner, thus turning his back on maidens (“Yay” as they say on Whatsapp) although we have done that for him..

Once rebalanced, our charger had me mentally calculating whether or not he could catch the leader in the straight. He actually leaned in to the leader a little – not illegally but FLYING STANDARD is still a bit green, even though he behaved perfectly in the prelims and at the stalls. Then Whoosh and we’ve caught the 5 year old APACHE BLAZE at the post.

(As one of your number aptly remarked, we deserved that pixel or two having lost major races in the last couple of years by the same margin).

In this Classified Stakes, we may be 47 but we ran off 50 and won. So up with whatever we are put – accurate grammar is maintained here in spite of a glass of fizz alongside – we start at 50. We might guess 54 or so?  Anything around there will be helpful in finding other races, albeit a lowish rung on the ladder that we shall surely climb.

The chorus after the race sang “He needs a mile and 6”. Everything pointed to that. Maybe a mile and a half along the way but as the programme stands now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we opt for 14 furlongs.

A final set of figures relates to the time. I thought they went a good clip and looked back to the time of the race beforehand – same distance but a higher grade actual handicap. The winner was FRANKLY MR SHANKLY who ran against us at Yarmouth and is rated 72 (v. our 47). The difference in time was less than a second. Frankly (Mr & Ms Hintlesham Racing), I hope the handicapper doesn’t look as closely because – if the 72 rated’s time was “right” – we ran to a good 60+.

And will run a lot better at farther.

Flying Standard wins at Chelmsford

Good lad. Brave lad. Congratulations to all shareholders and thank you for your perseverance through an incredibly difficult time. It’s been a lot of words….and will be many more but with less treading water and more climbing ladders.

Our next horse should be called Mixed Metaphor.


  • Well done everyone. Watched on bet 365. He was as game as you like despite the track probably not the best suited to him. That mile 4 will suit down to the ground ~ Lee

  • Thanks for your very detailed report.  I think congratulations are due to you and Chris, too, for your perseverance through an incredibly difficult time.  So lovely to be able to celebrate. Will find out what’s happening at the Reform. Best wishes, Sue

  • Hi David Many thanks for standing aside and letting us attend Chelmsford. What a great day!

     I was given a video of the race as I wanted to be able to show it to Marguerite on her return and maybe Penny. Would you like me to send it on to you? Its not actually a video, more a video Card, rather neat.

     Just occurred to me the last time I drove on my own to see one of our horses was to Doncaster for Ice Lord!

     All the best,  Martin

  • Dear David,   Thank you so much for the video and for your commentary on the race.  I am delighted that we have a win with him at last. But golly it was close though it showed his stamina and speed.  Good reward for all the work put into him.  Very encouraging. Best wishes,  Gay

  • Thanks David.  Lovely to see the race replay.  So, so close.  I’m sure it will give Flying Standard lots more confidence. Best wishes, Sue