Apr 18, 2020

This is this morning on that Cambridge Road polytrack. Mixing up the exercising to keep minds fresh, ICE LORD is being led by HAN SOLO BERGER (“HSB”).


Comparing the two is not relevant “technically” because this is what it is – a decent canter with ICE LORD nicely settled and HSB doing a job for him. ICE LORD is carrying more weight, but you can see that he’s “got HSB covered” and is going very easily indeed.


He should carry more weight because ICE LORD is in the region of 12/15 lbs better (HSB’s best RPR 82 compared to 100 in their respective best performances) but that doesn’t mean that HSB is not the apple of his owner’s eye and a nice horse to own.


A winner at 2 trained by Keith Dalgleish, HSB had been a €14,000 yearling having been bought for even less as a pin-hooked foal. His sire Lord Shanakill wasn’t the most commercially fancied, and HSB was the sort to improve later on.