The business and pleasure of bloodstock is by definition international. Pedigrees know no borders and transcontinental horse travel is commonplace. Allan Bloodlines is internationally involved in both hemispheres, enjoying and welcoming differences in cultural approach to racing and breeding. Here are some notes on the most “in depth” involvements:

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The UK and Irish bloodstock markets are deeply intertwined. Having operated in Ireland for thirty years or more, Allan Bloodlines enjoys (in all senses) especially advantageous connections and relationships amongst Irish stud farms and stallion masters and is active at the main sales there.

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With the Japanese language being familiar to the team, Allan Bloodlines is well equipped for Japanese correspondences. The company has repatriated stallions from Japan to England, Ireland and Italy and set up favourable transportation costs for the purpose. Sales such as the JRHA Foal Sale in Hokkaido have been  attended on demand and the interests of Japanese clients in UK and Irish bloodstock are managed.

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Kazakhstan is the 7th largest country in the world and has natural wealth through its reserves of oil and gas. After the Soviet era, parties in Kazakhstan approached Allan Bloodlines for assistance in upgrading their racing and breeding stock. Since then the firm’s purchases have become course record holders at most distances whilst winning most of Kazakhstan‘s Classic races. Mares and stallions have also been sent.

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Since making its first purchases at Keeneland in 1988, Allan Bloodlines has undertaken selective USA business, breeding, racing and purchasing for import to Europe.

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South Africa

See the South Africa section of this site.

South Africa