An opportunity on offer to South Africans – Turf Talk: 18 June 2018

Jun 18, 2018

Pre-Parade Ring with Owners & Trainers beyond.

Pre-Parade Ring with Owners & Trainers beyond.

As the racing world gears up for the week of the Royal Meeting, the excuses start to flow. “I’ll do that after Ascot”. “Let’s talk after Ascot”. “See you at Ascot” which often means “I’ll probably not see you at Ascot within the 65-80,000 crowds each day in the cavernous Terminal 5 sized Grandstand, or the Royal Enclosure Garden or….well anywhere on that vast, wonderful, leg-wearying campus”.

On the expanses of the racecourse, it is hard work getting to see the horses in the pre-parade, scooting across to a good vantage point, catching up with people, then lasting until after very late darkness falling over the car park parties.

Even at home when not attending, the day revolves round the “must see” races and the full coverage, with phones switched off.

However there is another comparable oppor-tunity not long afterwards. And we cannot wait until after Ascot to plan it. We have to plan NOW for the Newmarket July Festival for which we and Great British Racing International (GBRI) have put together an invitation to South African Horse Players.

After the Vodacom July comes Newmarket’s July Festival 10th-14th July. There is no better time to be at “Headquarters”.

Therefore Great British Racing International (GBRI) has allocated budget to the entertainment of South Africans who would like to join us and enjoy experiences to which few can gain easy access.

What is GBRI? It is the sport’s official racing’s stakeholders to “get you closer to the sport and provide you with more insight…”

An opportunity on offer to South Africans

An opportunity on offer to South Africans

One of those stakeholders with which GBRI is working is AllanBloodlines – offering invitations to South Africans.

It is of course not the ideal moment for everyone in South Africa, with difficult sales results and uncertainties all of which have been discussed at length. We are more than well aware. But this sort of initiative has to start somewhere, so let’s see. Hence this initiative at least to offer South Africans an opportunity.

We also know that we are inviting you to attend a sale – the exciting three day session of Tattersalls July Mixed Sale. Of course we are. But buying has never been obligatory – nobody forces the buyer to buy! True, that is the way to get your airfare contribution, but there is plenty more on offer Free of Charge that could cost plenty and/or be otherwise inaccessible.

Visit Frankel ; go out on morning gallops with a top trainer; tour the superb new state of the art Museum and Art Collection in historic Palace House; go racing on The July Course – a delightful contrast to Ascot; attend a traditional Car Park Picnic; have dinner in The Jockey Club Rooms, taking in the art collection and the atmosphere; another dinner in Tattersalls Red Room plus airport/London transfers. And of course a lot of assistance during your trip.

At the sales complex, you will be looked after (and at a reduced commission if you buy) employing our tried and tested techniques and procedures as well as showing you what and where. We enjoy having South African guests – and have an SA Flag on our own hats in the eyes of Tattersalls, although working with GBRI in other countries too. The business is often done without the client present – that is actually how the majority of buying takes place – but when the clients are present, we make them work and have a lot of fun.

Some South Africans will have passports or longer term visas to make it easy, some not. With any luck Brexit will sort out much of visa difficulty for Commonwealth citizens and in the meantime we do what we can.

Dates? Show up by 10th July ideally – picked up at the airport and whisked to Newmarket. We shall be sales viewing from 10th or earlier and will have done the catalogue work beforehand.

If you don’t find anything to buy, witnessing and working the sale is a great industry opportunity while enjoying all else that GBRI, we and the Week have to offer.

If you would like to be very well looked after, email to enquire, but time is short. – tt.

allan bloodlines invitation

Allan Bloodlines