Oct 9, 2017

Tattersalls Ireland, busy sale coming up.

SO, How long have we got? You – to read this if you will be so kind. And me – to write it. You have all the time in the world and I don‟t. Deadlines, Deadlines. It‟s been one of those days.

Having retired last night boss-eyed from screens full of South African and UK racing and an evening of other screens full of promotional work, I rose at sparrow‟s-fart today. Don‟t be shocked – it‟s 19th Century English – something along the lines of only thrushes and blackbirds (which are thrushes anyway) being awake at that very early hour. And sparrows presumably.

Talking of which, have you seen the wonderful Minnie Driver reading out the racehorse names refused by the BHA on the Graham Norton show? It‟s on YouTube. She slightly shocks herself when realising how well her put-on Irish accent gave one game away, but the one they reserved for last was
that of an actual racehorse named Hoof Hearted, a name shouted out by the U.S. commentator as the horse rushed to the front in such a way as to leave the audience (and guests) in stitches.

Minnie Driver, a laugh on Graham Norton’s show.
Minnie Driver, a laugh on Graham Norton’s show.

Nothing like a bit of toilet humour to make Brits laugh, but the biggest laugh of all comes with the names that actually got through in the UK. Too clever and obscure for the darlings in the BHA who hadn‟t lived very much, owners with trainers Jarvis and Cecil (Julie, that is, the earthiest good friend that many people have) succeeded in naming in such a way as to defeat professional commentators who could not avoid pronouncing the disgusting versions. Ask me when you see me.

Hectic schedule? What, are you joking?
Hectic schedule? What, are you joking?

My purpose in rising so early was to see the Japan Grand Prix from grid to chequered flag in all its petrol-head minutiae. At flag-fall it was still dark in Surrey but was time to hurtle Hamilton-like back up to Newmarket having grabbed two priceless nights at home.

The hordes of viewers are still only doing Mondays’ and Tuesdays’ lots on Sunday. I only looked at 50, a small number which took no time. Everyone sees everyone more or less every day for four sales-season months so there is no hand-shaking. A nod. A smile. Thumbs up. Or just ignore the bugger.

Of course, rapid conversations happen throughout between yearling viewer and senior yearling consigner and by 3pm we could sit down mid Sunday afternoon with a very large pot of (expensive) tea and go through commercial and ratings histories of the preferred yearlings‟ families and set up genetic checks for the good ones. The vets would be released at first light next day.

As readers know, inspections continue through selling so Monday will involve Tuesday and Wednesday lots while marshalling the results of earlier Tuesday inspections. It is a merry-go-round on which some people ride for most of their lives, looking older as they go, but never ceasing to
accumulate a well of knowledge that should see us through most situations and help us avoid most, if not every, mistake.

The older you are, the better your success percentages‖. If that‟s not true, there‟s something wrong.

A busy bloodstock agent remarked in a recent interview that there are no weekends between early September and Christmas. After this run of yearling sales, we at AllanBloodlines get very busy with Horses in Training, Foal and Breeding Stock Sales.

Here is the AllanBloodlines schedule coming up:

Tattersalls Autumn Horses in Training Sales: Newmarket 30th October – 3rd November 2017 inclusive

Catalogue work starting now – inspecting starting 2 days beforehand

The buying techniques here are crucial – so is vetting but so is personal knowledge of the trainers who have trained and the vendors who are vending. An overseas buyer wanting to do it himself asked if he could sig ―AllanBloodlines‖ by paying us in advance, but not use our service. I said ―No because I did not want to be seen to be buying trouble – which he did.

Goffs UK Horses in Training and Yearling Sale Doncaster 6th – 9th November 2017

A bits and bobs sale with some nuggets to be mined. Viewing from 5th is easy at this level although it’s a couple of hundred miles from Newmarket to Doncaster.

Tattersalls (Ireland) Ltd Ascot Mixed Sale Ascot Racecourse 9th November 2017

Two hundred miles back. We wrote about this sort of sale some issues ago. Here, I bought a Raven’s Pass filly with a pedigree for £1200. OK. she raced in a so-called minor racing nation but she won their Guineas, Oaks and another Gr1 and goes to stud as a foundation mare. For twelve hundred

Goffs November Foal Sale: Kill, Kildare 20th – 22nd November 2017

Pop over to Ireland on 18th. We’ll be selling here as well buying. Major foal sales must be witnessed.

Goffs November Breeding Stock Sale Kill, Kildare 23rd-24th November 2017

I bought a half sister to Dancer’s Daughter here. Twice. But that’s another story. Although the weather can be foul, Goffs Complex is excellent.

Tattersalls ―December‖ Yearling Sale – December is as inappropriate as ―July‖ sometimes is for the Newmarket July Course but that’s eccentricity for you… Newmarket, 27 November 2017

Our well-publicised recent winner ICE LORD came from this sale. It is a one-day treasure trove at the right prices – not cheap but not daft.

T a t t e r s a l l s ― D e c e m b e r ‖ F o a l S a l e
Newmarket 29th November – 2nd December 2017

See a proper Foal Sale before you die!It is here that the industry learns all about the first crops of every sire. That by itself is a hard-work exercise but always fascinating and exciting. The ―First Crop Sire‖ is revered in northern parts as an opportunity.

In this cosmopolitan swim, up to three dozen nationalities attend some sales. I say “attend” but actually mean “are represented”. The industry is set
up for agents, consultants, partners, colleagues, friends to do the work. Side-stepping misleading information is part of the fun, but fundamentally it is mutual assistance – the sharing of skills and intelligence – the always available helping hand – that puts us all in the same swim.

Sleep now. Vets at first light. – tt.