Aug 24, 2021

Protocols image turf talk 23 August 2021

In a Clocking The Gallop clip recorded prior to the weekend August 2yo Sale, highly respected industry figure John Freeman expressed the opinion that it is time to abandon attempts to set up export protocols, at least for now. Watch HERE.

But in a multi-part tweet on @allenbloodlines paraphrased here, breeding and racing consultant David Allan makes a case for the opposite……….

Foal Registrations in SA have diminished (2017=2736, 2018=2305, 2019=1884, 2020=869) but Sporting Post and Clock The Gallop solemnly publish a view that small Cape Racing fields result from travel protocols? The main data: Stakes (big increase after licenses) & diminishing horse population…

Number of 3yos in 21/22 down 16%, and will be down 18% in 22/23. If 2020 foals (already late to register by international stud book norms) get to 1500 that means another 20% fewer 3yos in 23/24 unless we buy from Oz or other places. If cash flows permits, remaining breeders can be encouraged.

But if we don’t revitalise by internationalisation, the path is towards an “island” gelding racing nation like Mauritius or Hong Kong with no filly requirements and no breeding thus we would need to import or fade away. Hence Hong Kong Racing’s sustained support for SAEHP.

To suggest that SAEHP present global status resembles “30 years of failure” is nonsense. The scientific case (new science, new people, actual diplomacy replacing aggressive righteousness) was emphatically won in 2017/18 so like it or not this is largely a matter for trade agreements which can’t be blabbed in the press like the damaging NHRA v SANTA condescension v snarling. I was removed from my (small but intermittently very effective) several-years AHS Ambassador role by then SATBA Chair (“don’t want foreigners” was the explanation to me) but backing SAEHP is the right way.

In SA we DO “want foreigners” on our side but domestically – whilst SATBA and SAEHP could look at permit/vet costs for remote breeders and keep them producing foals – we need to support the confidential, intensive quite new trade agreements efforts with EU, UK et al.

David Allan – @AllanBloodlines

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