Racing Management

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Individual Ownership

  • the horse is yours alone
  • matching horses & budgets
  • selection and purchasing at various budgets
  • exciting choices of colours and names
  • helping newcomers find their feet
  • acting for experienced owners who want less work, more success & more fun

Syndicates / Partnerships

  • forming groups of 2 – 15 people
  • fitting horses to ready made teams, companies or clubs
  • syndicating by selling shares horse by horse providing unique Ts&Cs and services

  • shared costs, shared experience
  • run under successful HINTLESHAM RACING or create your own group and make a name


  • selection of horses at major auctions and in private transactions working to appropriate budgets
  • strike rate is over 70% winners from purchases (over 90% winners or placed)
  • recommendation of trainer and location best suited to horses and owners
  • a complete administration service dealing with many registrations, naming and selecting colours in several jurisdictions
  • creation and refinement of racing goals and plans through visits to the horses in training and regular, detailed communication with the trainer
  • detailed communication constantly involving all concerned in their respective roles
  • continuous administration and accounting
  • provision of UK sponsorship to facilitate VAT refunds and completion of VAT returns
  • arranging on-sale or placement as and when appropriate

For all these purposes, Allan Bloodlines provides the in-depth service of Racing Management with the choice of guaranteed fixed costs or “at cost” plus a fee