Several million extra to be earned by 2009 yearling purchases

In order to broadcast further the increase in prize money by several million pounds in maiden races from next season, we have sent the following letter to those who are generally and specifically interested in purchasing yearlings:



As the yearling sales get going, it is timely to tell you in some detail about the new arrangements for yearlings to be purchased this Autumn.

You may have seen news of the initiative known as the Racing Post Yearling Bonus Scheme which is putting several million extra pounds into prize money for 2010 onwards.

The Scheme is new and makes some 4000 yearlings being offered for sale this Autumn eligible to pick up an additional £10,000 bonus with no deductions, in addition to prize money, on the occasion of their maiden race win.

98% of yearlings catalogued in Britain and Ireland are eligible for the bonuses therefore they will be won by horses of all types bought at all levels of the market.

More than 150 (possibly as many as 180) £10,000 bonuses will be paid out in Britain alone giving bonus winning owners the opportunity to cover a significant portion of their costs in one go. The bonuses will be spread throughout the turf season, covering selected two year old maiden races of all types run on turf and all-weather over all distances. Ten per cent of the bonuses will be allocated to three year old maiden races run during the first three months of the turf season, again on turf or all-weather, in 2011.

Vendors are putting up the lion’s share of the prize fund in this instance by paying £500 per yearling to make them eligible. To maintain eligibility the owner is only required to add an additional £250 which has to be paid at the time of purchase of anyway before 15 December 2009.

It is a buyer’s market at present and the bonus scheme strengthens this advantage further. Of course, we have to win the maiden to get the prize but that’s the general idea and such prizes would make a big difference.

With best wishes

for Allan Bloodlines