Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 – Double Winner – Allan Bloodlines

Dec 3, 2020

Dec 3, 2020

It’s official: AllanBloodlines has achieved recognition in the SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2020.

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See a copy of our write-up as it appears in the magazine, right here on our website.


SME Southern Enterprise Award 2020
SME News Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 - AllanBloodlines - Best Small Global Enterprise 2020 _ Best Racehorse Ownership & Investment Consultancy 2020
AllanBloodlines SME News Trophy with statue

AllanBloodlines greatly appreciates SME News (Southern England) selecting us as Best Small Global Enterprise 2020 (all industries) arising from our activities not only in the UK but also in Ireland, South Africa and Kazakhstan plus Japan, USA and various other countries. Best Racehorse Ownership & Investment Consultant fits what we do in the world of the Thoroughbred, the 8th largest employer of people in the UK and comparably around the world. We focus on high quality communication in successful buying and/or managing racehorses on the racecourse – individually owned or syndicated – and the management of broodmares for commercial sale of young stock at first class auction houses with lovely lifestyle ingredients.