Article/advertorial written by David Allan – The Sporting Post


In making arrangements for transporting many horses to South Africa over the past years, we at Allan Bloodlines have worked in conjunction with Parkes International Transport to provide the best and most sensibly managed quarantine facilities in Newmarket, the smoothest export documentation and the coordination and timing of on-transport to flights, often from across the Channel, whether scheduled cargo flights or charters, whether to Johannesburg or Cape Town.

Mostly but not exclusively, BBR was at this end, handling the import and delivery to the South African breeder or trainer.

The arrangements are always at the discretion of the client in South Africa and we can be as flexible in that regard as we may be instructed.  But for information, please note that we have been working together with the newly established transport company Global Bloodstock Logistics, in Johannesburg, formed through the initiative of Bernard Kantor, Larry Nestadt and Tawny Syndicate, with the experience of Candice Hobday and Kerry Prodehl to the fore.  For our part, we have been providing them with input regarding traffic patterns and logistical information and, from Parkes, specific costings and details.

Of course, not all the traffic is thoroughbred and Global is in touch with shippers of all types in order to create optimum sharing.  Charters require the transport companies to pull together horses of different types and from different sources.  Global is looking into that now in a changing regulatory environment ***.  Scheduled cargo flights to Johannesburg are simpler and one of the prime considerations is getting one or more pallets each with three horses for optimum costs.  We always recommend clients to keep close contact with and arrange supervision within the quarantine facilities and can always help in this regard.  Naturally the Cape Town v Johannesburg equation has impact on further arrangements and all this goes into the pot.

*** As things stand, Global is anticipating arranging a charter to Cape Town in the third week of January and will have final costings available soon.  Johannesburg options are regularly available.

The relevant upcoming sales in UK/Ireland/France consist of:

25th-28th October

Newmarket Horses in Training Sale in which the fillies of moderate racing prospect can be low priced

19th-20th November (this is for Mares and Fillies – Foals are 16th-18th November)

Goffs Breeding Stock Sale in Kildare which will reflect Irish breeders shedding numbers and where we have several times found modestly priced mares for South Africa (n.b. since later last year, SA authorities are now enforcing a previously “shelved” rule whereby horses from Ireland or France must spend at least 60 days including 30 days quarantine in the UK before transport.  This eliminates some in foal mares unless being kept here for covering southern time but affects fillies only in terms of extra keep and precise transport arrangements).

29th November – 3rd December (this is for Mares and Fillies – Foals are 23rd – 27th November)

Tattersalls Newmarket Mares and Fillies Sale.  As usual, a great selection of in-foal mares and fillies.  Psychologically, the weakness will pervade but from next year, foal populations are down so markets will have a somewhat strengthening tone in 2011 onwards at least from that perspective.

4th – 7th December (mixed sale including breeding stock)

Arqana Sale in Deauville (The same italicised comments above as for Ireland apply as for France)

In a generally soft market, the strong Rand offers attraction in 2010 for both purchase cost and air freight.

+ + +

Traditionally there has been a January charter to Cape Town.  There may be again but new developments regarding availability and suitability of aircraft demand a review which Global Bloodstock Logistics are currently leading along with us, Parkes and shippers from other sources.

We shall know what can and cannot be done prior to the sales and can liaise, but if you wish to go into the matter in detail, we can suggest that you call Kerry at Global Bloodstock Logistics on 082 899 1650 email

There is a significant sale opportunity in 2010.  We at Allan Bloodlines hope to hear from you and of course Joanne (083 399 6353) has or will have catalogues and/or can you to see them on-line.